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About Kids Care Transportation

Tell me a little about your Transportation services?
Kids Care Transportation offers personal attention and caring, instruction and correction, inspiration and motivation. Each of our employees goes through an extensive screening process before being considered for employment with us.
They understand that our clients’ expectation for their child’s safety and arriving at their specified destinations is their primary objective.

If your child(ren) is enrolled in an after school care program/facility or need to go home and you are not able,
we can pick up your child(ren) from and to school on whatever days you specify.

Another example might be, if you sign up us monthly membership packages with kids care transportation and your child get sick or need to be pick up on school hours or for any Emergence. We can pick up your child(ren) to his or her destination.

The services we offer our clients are based on their individual needs. For example, you may only need 3, 4, or
5 days of transportation during the week. Or if you prefer, we also offer single trip accounts. There are our Monthly membership packages, which are most beneficial for those who know they will need our services on a regular basis Monday-Friday around trip.

We are licensed and insurance bound as well as a registered public transportation. All vehicles in use by KCT are frequently maintenance and checked to ensure that they remain in good condition and repair, All the vans have kids care transportation signs around the vans.


Are there any long-term commitment requirements?

No. Although we do require our clients to sign a form acknowledging our policies, there is no long-term commitment required. We do encourage clients to contract our services for at least a one-month period to ensure our availability and consistency. We tend to book up very quickly, especially around winter times. Many of our clients have been with us for several months or even years and have signed professional service agreements with our quarterly basis.


If you wish to terminate your student's transportation program within the first two weeks of services, 24 hours cancellation notice is required. Thereafter, Kids Care Transportation will bill for the minimum number of service as set out in Section III herein. To terminate services after initial commitment, CLIENT must give two weeks written notice of cancellation of services. GIVING NOTICE TO YOUR DRIVER IS NOT CONSIDERED OFFICIAL CANCELLATION AND YOU WILL BE BILLED FOR ALL SERVICE UNTIL TWO WEEKS AFTER KIDS CARE TRANSPORTATION HAS RECEIVED PROPER WRITTEN NOTIFICATION OF CANCELLATION.



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